What is Pelican Mouth

Pelican Mouth is a feature-rich web based productivity management tool that remains simple and easy to use. Pelican Mouth Productivity Management software allows small offices and businesses to stay on top of their pressing tasks and projects. Users can collaborate on tasks, share files and documents, and proficiently complete their to-do lists. It allows users to work together on an almost limitless amount of projects and tasks while increasing effective communication and efficiency in the work place. Small business management has never been easier.

App Screenshot
"Pelican Mouth is a great addition to my office. It allows my staff and I to stay on top of all of our incoming projects. It also allows me to view progress, helping me manage more effectively. It really is the best small business management tool I have found!" - Kevin Gaisbauer MG&L Insurance

How Pelican Mouth Works

Pelican Mouth works by managing tasks centrally, allowing users to view the data from their offices, homes, or any other internet connection. Any users within a small office or business can log in to begin to manage their tasks and projects. Users can use Pelican Mouth to update their progress, store files and documents, communicate with other collaborators on a task, track milestones, and deliver work on time.

What you need

This affordable solution only requires an internet connection to use the data entry and reporting interface. We recommend that you use a current version of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer when accessing Pelican Mouth. Just login and setup your company today to get started. See System Requirements.

Why Pelican Mouth?

  • Pelican Mouth is like your team's to-do list on steroids. It keeps everyone together and working towards the same goals.
  • Have a centralized place for communication. Keep the entire team in the loop.
  • Keep up with recurring projects, everything from yearly financial statements to monthly reports to weekly office chores.
  • Manage big projects like your company's trade show appearance. Pelican Mouth has complete task and sub-task capabilities.
  • See a snap-shot of what is going on in your office quickly using the Dashboard.
  • Keep track of your customers and sales leads with our Prospect Management Module.
  • Have a regular publication? A monthly newsletter perhaps? Our Publication Management Module will keep you on track!
  • Easily add multiple assignees to a project and keep track of an almost limitless amount of attachments.
  • Have access to the reports that really matter? What tasks have been completed? Who completed them? Where they completed on time?
  • Easily manage recurring tasks and projects.
  • If priorities change in the work place, quickly edit the due dates and priority levels of everyone's tasks and projects.
  • Working with external organizations or clients? Give them limited access to Pelican Mouth also.
  • Have a task or a project that needs to be private for only involved parties to see? You have complete control over access of each task in the system.
  • Save money and get an edge over your competition.